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' cTradeInfo (www.ctradeworld.com)' is Korea's largest trade and customs clearance database service provided by KTNET on a real-time basis. It features various trade, customs clearance and logistics information accumulated over many years through KTNET"s export/import customs clearance automation network to meet the demands and needs of customers. About 8,000 customers are using the DB service at present since its launch in October 1997.

The scope of the service includes the real-time provision of information related to export/import declarations, tariff refunds, tracking of import cargoes, download of certificates required for tariff refunds, delivery of import cargoes, agreements on bonded transportation requests, etc.; provision of trade statistics for items of over H.S. 10 digits; provision of custom-tailored statistical data and trade directories; inquiries into export performance records; customs clearance-related laws and ordinances, administrative rules, conventions, notices and terminology; etc.

For utilization of KTNET's CTI (Cyber Trade Information) service, an applicant has to access the e-trade portal 'www.cTradeWorld.com' and receive a user ID and password after completing the subscription procedures.




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