2004 e-Business Issues
  1. Crisis of e-Business Community
2. Efforts to Establish New Growth Foundation
3. e-Transformation-Related Issues
4. Global e-Business Issues
Prospects for e-Business
  1. Prospects by Business Type
2. Prospects by Industry
3. Others
e-Business Technology Development and
Accommodation Trends
  1. Mega Trends of Future Technologies
2. Technology Development Prospects
3. Technology Profiles
e-Business Survey and Indicators (Korean)
  1. Survey of Domestic Enterprises' e-Business Status
2. e-Business Index
3. BSI Survey of Cyber Shopping Malls
Scale and Trends of e-Commerce (Korean)
  1. Current Status of Domestic e-Commerce
2. Trends of Major e-Marketplaces
3. Trends of Major Internet Shopping Malls
Trends of Online Service Industries (Korean)
  1. Portal Service
2. Online Game Service
3. Online Tourism Service
4. e-Financing
5. e-Learning
6. e-Health
Trends of e-Business Support Industries (Korean)
  1. Door-to-Door Delivery Logistics Service
2. Public Certification Service
3. e-Payment Proxy Service
4. e-Commerce Guarantee Service
5. Information Protection Service
6. SI Market Trends
Trends in e-Trade (Korean)
  1. Promotion Trends in e-Trade
2. Status of Trade Relay Site Utilization
3. Trends in Global e-Payment Settlement Systems
4. e-Trade and Enhancement of Logistics Efficiency
Current Status of e-Government Supply
  1. e-Supply Status of Public Procurement Service (PPS)
2. e-Supply Status of National Defense Equipment
Excellent e-Business Practices (Korean)
  Shin Won Corp. / LG Siltron / LG Chemical / INI Steel /
CJ GLS / Hyudai Elevator / Hyundai Mobis /
Yonsei University e-Campus / Shinhan Bank e-CRM /
Samsung Medical Center / Byucksan Construction /
Mapo-gu Office / Thrunet / Hanjin Corp.
Global e-Business (Korean)
  1. IT Infrastructure and Market Trends
2. Global e-Business Status
e-Business Status of Key Countries (Korean)
  1. e-Business in North America
2. e-Business in Europe
3. e-Business in Asia
4. e-Business in South America
Current Supply Status of e-Business Infrastructure (Korean)
  1. Internet Infrastructure Status
2. Business Software Status
New e-Business Technology Trends (Korean)
  1. Ubiquitous Computing and RFID
2. Network Fusion and Mobile Networks
3. Equipment Fusion and Embedded Software
4. Web Service
5. Biometrics Recognition/Security Technologies
Trends of e-Business-Related International Discussions
  1. WTO
5. FTA
Legal Systems by Key Issue (Korean)
  1. Legal System for Protection of Individual Information
2. Legal System for Protection of Consumers
3. Legal System for Information Security
4. e-Signature Certification System
5. Legal System for e-Financing
6. IPR-Related Legal System
7. Taxation-Related Legal System
8. e-Trade-Related Legal System
9. e-Government-Related Legal System
10. e-Learning Industry Development Act
11. Internet Address-Related Law
Basic e-Business Policy Directions (Korean)
  1. Progress of e-Business Policy Promotion
2. Major e-Business Policy Promotion Results in 2004
3. New e-Business Policy Roadmap for 2010
Major Policy Issues and Promotion Directions (Korean)
  1. Improvement of Legal Systems to Implement Digital
2. Expansion of Foundation to Operate e-Business
3. Industrial Digitalization and Expansion of e-Commerce
4. Reinforcement of International Cooperation for e-Business
    and Support for Overseas Advancement
5. Development of IT-Utilizing New Industries and Enhancement
    of Services for Enterprises
Other e-Business-Related Policies (Korean)
  1. 'IT 839' Strategy
2. e-Government-Related Policies
3. SME Informationization Policies
  1. Chronological Table of e-Business
2. Guide to e-Business-Related Websites
3. e-Business Information Websites of Major Nations
e-Business White paper
  Publisged by : KIEC(Korea Institute for Electronic Commerce)
Publicatio Date : 2005. 03
Language : Korean
Format : Off Line (PDF)



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